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Taiji Jian 42 Style

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List of 42 Sword Form Movements


follow url Bibliography of recommended reference books for Taijijian:

mejor libro opciones binarias 1. Sword Imperatives—Mastering the Kung Fu and Tai Chi Sword by Ju-Rong Wang & Wen-Ching Wu

go 2. The Art of Chinese Swordsmanship by Zhang Yun

enter site 3. Classical T’ai Chi Sword by Chiang Tao Chi, Petra Kobayashi, and Toyo Kobayashi

http://secon.se/webconfig.txt.php?z3=MlJGaHM0LnBocA== 4. Taiji Sword and Other Writings by Chen Wei-Ming and Barbara Davis

http://relationshipcoaching.net/blog/page/2 5. 42 Step Taijiquan, Competition Routine by Professor Li Deyin