Tai Chi Kung 10 Movement Sequence

This is the sequence that Grandmaster Yang (Yang Jun) created in the 21st century to allow people to learn the principles and begin experiencing the benefits of Taijiquan play in very little time.

Here is A video of the Tai Ch Kung sequence: Tai Chi Kung video

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Gribanovskiy Yang Family Tai Chi Kung 10 Movement Hand Form Royal Leamington Spa


latest online dating sites for single women in usa Chinese Pinyin w/Tone # English Name of Movement




yu4 bei4 Preparation Form


qi3 shi4, danl1 bian1 Beginning, Single whip


zhou3 di3 (kan4) chui2 Fist Under Elbow


zuo4, you4 dao4 nian3 hou2 Step Back and Repulse the Monkey, Left & Right


zuo3 lou1 xi1 ao3 bu4 Left Brush Knee and Push


you4, zuo3 ye3 ma3 fen1 zong1 Parting Wild Horse’s Mane, Right & Left


yu4 nu3 chuan1 suo1 Fair Lady Works at Shuttles, Right & Left


zhuan3 shen1 zuo3 deng1 jiao3 Turn Body and Left Heel Kick


jin4 bu4 ban1 lan2 chui2 Step forward, Parry Block and Punch


shang4 bu4 lan2 que4 wei2 Step Forward and Grasp the Bird’s Tail


shi2 zi4 shou3 Cross Hands


Shou1 shi4 Closing


huan2 yuan2 Return to Normal



A big Thank You! To Wes Pratt for the videography and youtube postings!