Physical Therapy

Integrated Physical Therapy Patients with musculoskeletal problems often benefit from evaluation and treatment which combines the strengths of both Western and Chinese Medicine. From a Western perspective, strength, range of joint motion, pain, tissue integrity and functional ability are assessed in order to evaluate the structural and biomechanical components of the problem. The Acupuncture evaluation provides information regarding the flow of energy along the meridians which pass through the involved area, the person’s constitutional makeup and the life habits which influence the body’s ability to heal. Successful treatment often requires that both the structural and energetic aspects of the problem be evaluated and addressed. Therefore, in many cases, optimal treatment employs a blending of these two approaches and may include:
  • Acupuncture to encourage flow of energy through the area, ease pain and support the constitution to enhance healing.
  • Release of tight tissue / muscle spasm using trigger point, myofascial or cranio-sacral release techniques.
  • Specific movement exercises, including Qigong and Feldenkrais based patterns to ease restrictions and increase the circulation.
  • Lifestyle/dietary recommendations to support healing and prevent recurrence.
  • Gentle stretching/strengthening to optimize return to functional activities.